b'FOGHORNFOCUS:SALES, MARKETING & COMMUNICATIONSby aiding the Coast Guard with recovery operations.grief counselors are not on the staff of many operations, PVA One Crisis Action Plan does not fit all operations. Partmembers should be encouraged to foster relationships with of what David Norman stressed in his presentation was thelocal enforcement and/or search and rescue. In our case, it need to constantly assess and update your own companyswas the Ventura County Sherriff. plan, especially immediately following a crisis, when theIsland Packers has a history of working with the Ventura facts are fresh; to ask, What did weCounty Sherriff on other tragedies, miss and What could we do better?training, search and rescue, and fund-When our management staff met toAbout the Author raising for non-profits. That relation-debrief, we were better prepared to haveMatt Kelly is the Operationsship made it easy to ask for help. They a productive conversation. Neither aManager for Island Packers inhad counselors at our facility hours after crisis nor a Crisis Action Plan were hy- Ventura, CA. Island Packers hasthe tragedy and made them available to pothetical. We used the outline of theoperated a fleet of vessels thatour staff after time had passed and the carry passengers to the Channel Plan as a template to discuss individu- Islands National Park off the coastcrew had time to reflect on the loss.The als and their roles on the crisis team, toof Southern California for moreservice, offered for free by the county, update contact information, and revisethan 50 years. was invaluable to the crew.company policy regarding restrictionsEven though the events of Labor on our allowable items list. We recappedDay 2019 will forever be heartbreaking, our own experiences, realizing even more starkly we need toit is our responsibility as mariners to our passengers, our use past events, as best we can, to prepare for what we dontcrew and our company to learn from these tragic events and know, or when it will happen.take all precautions to make ocean travel as safe as possible. Another important conclusion made was the vital impor- Having a Crisis Action Plan written, updated and on the tance of having access to grief counselors during, and espe- shelf is an important piece of work that helps to keep safety cially after such an event. Any event that requires the use of ain the forefront of our minds and to prepare for the day you Crisis Action Plan has potential for emotional impact. Whilehope never comes, because it might. n14JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2020FOGHORN'